Kmac & Charly – Gloucester, MA Wedding Photography

How cool is this? Kmac (Mr. McLaughlin, Macky-G, Kevin) used to be my old high school teacher and varsity and AAU basketball coach! We go all the way back to 2000 (I think) and I can’t say enough wonderful things about him as a teacher and more importantly for me, a coach. (Cough cough… science definitely was not my forte… hence my profession now as a photographer!) I had a blast playing for Kmac back in the day and learned so much about hard work and the game from him! We’ve kept in touch here and there over the years but hadn’t caught up since we moved back home from Australia a few years ago. I was thrilled to hear from him earlier this year that he was engaged and getting married. I was incredibly honored when I got to meet his beautiful finance, Charly and they asked me to photograph their wedding. Last month Kmac and Charly got married up in Gloucester on a lovely early fall day surrounded by their closest family and friends. Charly wore a beautiful light blue dress as they exchanged their vows overlooking Gloucester Harbor. After the ceremony we met up with more family and friends who joined us on the Beauport Princess Harbor Cruise for dinner and lots of fun and dancing. Oh the dancing! Their crew of family and friends was there all night with endless love and support and some sweet sweet dance moves! I had such a fantastic time being able to document such a special day for you Kmac and Charly. You both looked so happy together and I am so pleased to be able to give you these memories to help remember it by. Congratulations a million times over to you both!blog_001blog_002blog_003blog_004blog_005blog_006blog_007blog_008blog_009blog_010blog_011blog_012blog_013blog_014blog_015blog_016blog_017blog_018blog_019blog_020blog_021blog_022blog_023blog_024blog_025blog_026blog_027blog_028blog_029blog_030blog_031blog_032blog_033blog_034blog_035blog_036blog_037blog_038blog_039blog_040blog_041blog_042blog_043blog_044blog_045blog_046blog_047blog_048blog_049blog_050blog_051blog_052blog_053blog_054blog_055blog_056blog_057blog_058blog_059blog_060blog_061blog_062blog_063blog_064blog_065blog_066blog_067blog_068blog_069blog_070blog_071blog_072blog_073blog_074blog_075blog_076blog_078blog_079blog_080blog_081blog_082blog_083blog_084blog_086blog_087blog_088blog_089blog_090blog_091blog_092blog_093blog_094blog_095blog_096

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