Mark & Gemma – Engagement Photography, Concord, Massachusetts

This session is from last October and I’m so thrilled to be able to share these images now! Mark and Gemma invited me to come out to Walden Pond for our engagement photo session. I had never been before and it was just beautiful. Quiet and picturesque and I couldn’t stop admiring and talking about the light all night long. It was soft and beautiful and simply stunning for our time walking around. It was snowing when I got there so you can see what troopers Mark and Gemma were hiking about with me while I was bundled in a warm coat! We had a really nice time together in a really beautiful spot and I was so happy to be able to capture some photos for them to celebrate their engagement. You can see there wedding photos here.mark_gemma_001mark_gemma_002mark_gemma_003mark_gemma_004mark_gemma_005mark_gemma_006mark_gemma_007mark_gemma_008mark_gemma_010mark_gemma_011mark_gemma_013mark_gemma_015mark_gemma_016mark_gemma_017mark_gemma_018mark_gemma_019mark_gemma_020mark_gemma_021mark_gemma_022mark_gemma_023mark_gemma_024mark_gemma_025mark_gemma_026mark_gemma_027mark_gemma_028mark_gemma_029mark_gemma_030mark_gemma_031mark_gemma_032

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