Family Photography – Melrose, Massachusetts

My sister and her husband asked me to come over to do a little session with their adorable little family. How could I pass up a chance to spend time with these super cute little ones? These days, with a little one of my own and another on the way, it’s hard to get time to go over simply to take photos. Luckily, our schedules finally matched up when my husband was home to watch my little guy so I could go hands (and worry) free to capture an hour in the life of these guys! It was a grey and cold day so we stayed inside and had fun crawling around the playroom together. These little ones have endless reserves of energy and for a 7 month pregnant aunt it was hard to keep up! They sure kept me on my toes, but I had a blast playing (and photographing) these amazing little people (and their parents.) I just adore their little family! Thanks for having me come play guys!Burk_blog_001Burk_blog_002Burk_blog_003Burk_blog_004Burk_blog_005Burk_blog_006Burk_blog_007Burk_blog_008Burk_blog_009Burk_blog_010Burk_blog_011Burk_blog_012Burk_blog_013Burk_blog_014Burk_blog_015Burk_blog_016Burk_blog_017Burk_blog_018Burk_blog_019Burk_blog_020Burk_blog_021Burk_blog_022Burk_blog_023Burk_blog_025Burk_blog_026Burk_blog_027Burk_blog_028Burk_blog_029

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